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How to get Million Views on Instagram Reels in 2024 - Pakistan and India

 If you have been creating reels for years and not even your single video has reached to 1 Million views than this article is for You.

If you are from India and Pakistan and still have not achieved 1 Million views on One of your reels than this article is 100% gonna make you viral.

Before i tell You how reels get viral let me show you few examples of my own Instagram where my videos have millions of views

All these screenshots are from my own Instagram account . You can check my account @smansoorhaider yourself. or click the link down below
Now first try to understand how a reel gets viral. Is it the Number of likes, No of comments, or Number of views. The correct answer is the watch time. The longer the people stay on your reel the more likely it will get viral. So the question is how can you increase the watch time of your reels specially if you are from india and Pakistan. 
This is where my strategy comes in. Plus this strategy is only for those people who make good content and still cant get enough exposure and specially if they are from india and Pakistan.
So first of all you need to be making good content and you need to ad a little spice into that. That spice is if you are from India Include the name of Pakistan in your video. Similarly if you are from Pakistan Include the name of India in your video. The name can be included as a voice over as a caption or as a text in your video. But it has to be at the start of the video.
You dont need to spread hate about any of the two countries. it has to be simple comparison of the two and it dont necessarily need to be a negative comparison.
Keep in mind if you are spreading the hate your reel will still get viral but nobody will follow you. Even with your reel hiting millions of views you still will be sitting at 100 followers.
So how you include the name of both countries in your video depends entirely upon your creativity. 
Thats all that is needed and best of luck for your next reel. If you follow this strategy and your reels get viral make sure to tell me in the comments below or Direct message me on my instagram @smansoorhaider. Thank You and enjoy your 15 secs of Fame.


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